EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IS ‘THE DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE’. I’m a student of Dr. Daniel Goleman’s work in this field and did a summer study with him and one of his key researchers.

Being a leader is largely about people skills. Some of the basic rules are ones I learned in kindergarten, but it took me a lifetime of experience and some formal study to realize and appreciate the truth of this – and how it works in the business environment.


Executive Coach: Fortune 500 Consumer Electronics Firm read more

Retained as Executive Coach for a Fortune 500 Consumer Electronics firm, working with High Potential senior level managers and directors in the U.S and EMEIA. Orchestrated 360 evaluations to discover client strengths, and to objectively identify opportunities for personal growth and career development in areas of greatest value. Guided clients through action plans to make vital changes that allowed them to improve their organization’s performance.

Bill guided 15 executives through in-depth 360 reviews, action planning, and progress measurement over a 9 month engagement with measurable (and often remarkable) results. These executives are rapidly advancing in the executive ranks worldwide.

Executive Leadership Development assignments are one of Bill’s specialty areas of practice. He enjoys working with high performers who have been rapidly promoted to new positions of executive leadership. Bill can relate to their drive and enthusiasm, while coaching and guiding in the areas of executive presence, organizational savvy, and the foundational qualities for great long-term leadership success.

Onboarding: President, Major Metropolitan Hospital read more

Onboarding role for a newly-promoted President of a major metropolitan hospital as it was going through a merger with a former competitor. Performed interviews of key stakeholders in both organizations, Orchestrated on-site JumpStart meeting to identify potential obstacles and eliminate roadblocks, and to help the newly merged management team to clear the way for expedited success for the newly appointed President.

The executive found the process beneficial as it accelerated his ability to advance the action steps necessary to realize the benefits of the merger.

Executive Onboarding coaching can dramatically expedite the pace of progress for an executive entering a new environment. The goal is to eliminate barriers, open communication, and clearly align members of the management team in support of the new executive. This process is extremely helpful for the new executive to appreciate and assimilate with established norms and cultures of the business.

Coach: President & CEO, International Hospitality Business read more

Coaching assignment for President & CEO of a leading hospitality business with over 500 U.S. locations, launching into international markets. Guided the executive through the Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment to gain appreciation of his leadership style, strengths, and areas for development. The executive was able to change a few specific behaviors, and discovered his many creative competencies that, when brought to use, immediately contributed to his success as he launched a tremendous growth initiative for his business. He inspired others on his team in this new direction.

The executive gained such valuable personal insights that he expanded the invitation to five additional C-Level executives to go through the same 360 evaluation and coaching process with Bill.

By shining a light on the underlying thinking patterns that drive their behavior, these clients gained access to new choices and possibilities. This team is getting great results.

Leadership Agenda work often matches the needs of the business with the development needs of individuals. Small shifts in behavior patterns can lead to breakthrough results for the business.

Executive Coach: Rice University's Doerr Institute for New Leaders read more

Served as Coach in academia for Rice University’s Doerr Institute for New Leaders, applying innovative strategic coaching approach to guiding exceptionally high IQ and high potential leaders to explore the role of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in positions of leadership.

Using breakthrough process design from Prof. Daniel Goleman’s work at Harvard University, this coaching relationship helped these high potential future leaders gain valuable insights about their EI qualities and undertake meaningful work in areas of personal and professional development.

Leadership Development is a continuing journey. Bill is uniquely qualified to meet individuals where they are, in their environment, and introduce them to the areas of inquiry and practice that will yield the greatest opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Executive Coach: Renowned Cancer Research Center read more

In a world renowned Cancer research center, Bill coaches with the leader of a team on the forefront of breakthrough medical research and technology. One of the coaching objectives is to help this leader achieve optimal balance in his high level performance of clinical care, accomplishments in the research laboratory and advancement of breakthrough new protocols for cancer treatment.

The client undertook an in-depth 360 evaluation process and uncovered opportunities for growth that would have an immediate positive impact. He embraced the recommendations and made intentional modifications in his behavior that have yielded beneficial results – for him and his team.

Leadership Experience assignments aim to help leaders establish and maintain good working relationships with their boards, senior teams, and entire organizations. The coaching role includes interviewing key stakeholders and collecting and helping interpret feedback that can be instrumental in helping the Leader identify key areas of strength and those areas that require development.


Bill’s coaching enabled me to take a step back and see areas I could refine that were not apparent to me at inception. Acknowledging these have made me a better leader. Looking at behaviors from a different vantage point has also made me a better coach to my team and others throughout the organization.
— Senior VP in Insurance and Financial Services

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A podcast conversation on Equal Chance to be Unequal, with fellow Forbes coach Michael S. Seaver about unlocking human potential. A discussion about Executive Leader Development, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Competencies, observations and experiences from coaching executive leaders. Also available on iTunes.


Bill Koch | Koch Leadership Coaching

I'm an expert at guiding high achievers to achieve greater levels of success for the organizations they serve. I work with high-functioning people who want to go from good to great. I have experience as a high-performer in complex business environments, and I’ve done the work that helped me improve my leadership effectiveness.

It can be lonely at the top. Where do you go for honest conversation? Who can ask you the tough questions you may need to consider? Top performers often have few people in their world willing to say exactly what they need to hear the most. I understand. And I have a unique perspective that allows me to be helpful.

We can be authentic when working together. I understand and appreciate executive stress. I’ve lived it too. In the face of relentless pressure and enormous responsibility, leaders need to consider “who do I need to be” in every situation every day, with consideration of how each decision impacts and contributes to the organization’s long term vitality. Does that feel more like a burden – or an invitation to create what’s possible?

I work with people who want to be conscious leaders.I have a relentless interest in personal development. There have been times when I was stuck in my career and my personal life. I've grown from powerful coaching experiences. I appreciate what coaching can do. I study it. I explore it. I practice it. I see the results in action everyday.It’s energizing. I’m passionate about personal development among high achievers.